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Since 1976 Toremar (Toscana Regionale Marittima S.p.A. with a sole shareholder) has been operating connections with the Tuscan islands in compliance with legislation governing the reorganisation of local maritime services. In particular, the company operates year-round connections between the Tuscan mainland and Elba, Giglio, Capraia, Gorgona and Pianosa.

About us - Toremar

The ferries and high-speed vessels of the Toremar fleet offer a punctual, comfortable, reliable service, even in adverse weather and sea conditions.

In 2011, Moby S.p.A. won the tender to acquire 100% of the company. 
During the past year, the Toremar fleet has transported approx. 1,430,000 passengers and performed 8,500 crossings.


Contact for information: ufficiostampa@onoratoarmatori.com
Head oft he press department of the Onorato Armatori SpA


Toremar Service Charter

The Toremar Service Charter commits the company to guaranteeing connections to and from the Tuscan islands with maximum efficiency and attention to the safety and comfort of all passengers.

Founding principles

The Company guarantees the continuity of the service offered to all travellers without distinction, with continuity, efficiency and effectiveness, also due to personnel who are always in contact with customers.

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Quality factors

Regular, punctual service, combined with suitably clean vessels and facilities,  combined with comfortable and safe travel.

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Rights and duties of passengers

The passengers always have the right to travel safely and comfortably, according to the standards guaranteed by the Company. They are expected to respect the on-board regulations.

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