Toremar Travel Cancellation Insurance: insurance for your ferry crossing

We assure you a lovely holiday!

Travel Cancellation Costs Insurance 
can be booked a maximum of 21 days after booking the trip, for reservations departing within 30 days the insurance must be taken out at time of booking.

  • contractual cancellation costs with non-departure through un unexpected serious illness, serious accident or death
  • the above mentioned events additional outward journey costs, if due to departure is delayed
  • additionally, unemployment after termination for operational reasons and reemployment after unemployment is regarded as insured
  • Excess: if occurrence of the event insured is brought on by an unexpected serious illness with out-patient treatment, excess amounts to 20% of the recoverable amount, however at termination for operational least € 25 per vehicle or vehicle trains insured. No excess in all other cases

per vehicle Elba / Tuscan islands: one way 4€ / roundtrip  6€