Service charter

A guarantee of quality for all.

As the Service Charter is a point of reference in relations between Toremar and its customers, the Company is committed to respect its content. Routes and frequency of thenavigation services assured by Toremar, promote links with Tuscany islands, responding to the requirements of mobility, guaranteed by the State through the Company.


Fundamental Principles

  1. Equality and fairness

    Toremar undertakes to provide public transport service for all citizens, without distinction of nationality, gender, race, language, religion, political opinion, wealth, social and psychophysical conditions.

  2. Continuity

    The Company ensures continuous and regular service delivery, according to established schedules. In addition, in case of malfunctions or interruption of service, Toremar undertakes to provide the information necessary to cause minimum disruption to users.

  3. Transparency and participation

    Toremar shall ensure the diffusion to customers of this Charter’s principles and procedures, through Offices for public relations. The Company also agrees to evaluate claims and suggestions from customers, stipulating contacts with Consumer associations.

  4. Efficiency and Effectiveness

    Toremar undertakes to provide the service in accordance with the established herein, and achieving the planned objectives for improvement.

Quality factors of the service

Customer’s centrality and satisfaction are the primary aim of Toremar, which adopts the following factors and the related indicators as control elements of service quality. The Company also undertakes to monitor them, through a questionnaire distributed on board, the results of which will be published in future editions of the Service Charter.

  1. Security

    The Company gives utmost importance to the protection of passengers. The constant maintenance of means, performed by highly skilled staff, ensures full user safety.

  2. Regularity of the Service

    The routes served by Toremar are set forth in tables made available to customers. Services are guaranteed every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays

  3. Punctuality of transport

    Toremar is committed to comply with the schedules indicated and, in case of delays or disruptions independent of the Company, Toremar undertakes to provide for the necessary information.

  4. Cleanliness and hygiene on the Vessels and in the Facilities

    Routine cleaning takes place on all vessels in the fleet at the end of every journey, while general cleaning takes place at the end of the day.

  5. Comfortable Travel

    The vessels are equipped with air conditioning systems.

Relations with personnel

Toremar is committed to instruct the personnel in order that its members adopt a professional, courteous and respectful behavior in relations with the passengers.

  1. Customer Information

    Toremar undertakes to keep customers fully informed.

  2. Respect for the Environment

    The vessels are built and maintained in compliance with current environmental protection legislation.

  3. Passengers with reduced physical abilities

    The Company undertakes to provide, at no additional cost, assistance to passengers with disabilities, both - in ports and on ships.

Rights and duties of passengers

When buying a ticket, the passenger has the right and undertakes to observe the provisions of the "General conditions of carriage of passengers and vehicles".

  1. Rights
    • Safe, worry-free travel
    • Information on board and on land
    • Compliance with graphics and their accessibility
    • Continuous, guaranteed service
    • Straightforward complaints procedure and prompt response
    • Courteous and respectful behavior of all employees
    • Recognizability of employees in contact with clients
    • Possibility to submit complaints and express own opinions or suggestions
  2. Duties
    • To have a correctly endorsed ticket
    • Not to occupy more than one seat
    • Not to dirty or damage the vessels
    • To respect the provisions about reserved seats
    • To observe the smoking ban on the vessels
    • Not to disturb other passengers with inconsiderate behaviour
    • Not to throw anything from vehicles
    • To respect  the provisions concerning the transport of animals and luggage
    • Not to transport objects deemed harmful or dangerous
    • Not to use alarm signals or any emergency device in an improper manner
    • Not to compromise in any way journey safety or the standards of service for oneself and the other passengers